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Chilean pigs disaster update

News Section Icon Published 6/22/2012

Following the devastating news that 500,000 pigs were in danger in Chile and that the mega farm involved was causing human health issues and environmental damage; Compassion has continued to investigate the current situation.

Reports that are coming in are lacking clarity. Despite the fact that the Government, a huge super-company and local people are involved, news filtering through is limited and contradictory.

There are questions surrounding whether Agrosuper is actually implementing the measures that were announced earlier in the month by the Government. It appears that locals feel let down by the government, fuelled by their initial anger at the producer. The health threats and environmental degradation are apparently continual.

Supposedly, 5,000 hogs were to be removed on a daily basis. However, there is no proof as of yet that this is occurring. In addition, it is unclear whether the insemination of sows has stopped.

Agrosuper claims that "the reproductive cycle of pigs in the complex Agrosuper in Freirina was stopped on May 18." It also states that "the movement of pigs from the Freirina slaughterhouse is made daily. This process takes about 15 trucks with 200 pigs each and with a weight ranging from 100 to 130 kg. We hope that by the end of September this year the treatment plants will be stabilized."

Dil Peeling, Director of Public Affairs at Compassion says: "We are genuinely distressed by the lack of co-ordination occurring between the government, Agrosuper and the locals.

"The lack of co-operation that we are receiving is immensely frustrating. We are persevering: the last thing that we want is for these pigs to simply be transported to another site, where it is likely the same problems will occur.”

Compassion continues to seek the truth and will keep updating on the topic as soon as news comes in.


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