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News Icon 6/27/2018

7 Days, 7 Protein-Packed, Plant-Based Lunches

Protein intake is one of the first things people consider when making the decision to reduce their meat consumption—and one of the main reasons people are hesitant to make the switch. Luckily, there are plenty of easy plant-based meal options!

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News Icon 6/22/2018

Blue Apron raises the bar on animal welfare

Blue Apron, one of the most popular meal kit services in the nation, just announced a comprehensive new animal welfare policy that will meaningfully improve the lives of chickens, egg-laying hens, pigs, and cows.

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News Icon 6/15/2018

This eye-opening documentary will change the way you think about food

It’s finally here! Eating Animals, the harrowing new documentary about the disastrous consequences of factory farming, is out in select theaters across the U.S. today—and viewers and critics alike are already calling it a must-see film.

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