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News Icon 6/3/2015

Pastured Poultry Week 2015 is Coming

Know of a restaurant who may want to participate? Let us know!

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News Icon 5/1/2015

Time to stop caging hens

A new study on the welfare of different laying hen housing systems is unreliable due to design flaws.

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News Icon 3/12/2015

The Antibiotic-Free Chicken

Why antibiotic-free doesn't mean humanely raised chicken

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News Icon 12/19/2014

2014 Wins for Farm Animals

2014 was an eventful year for farm animal welfare in the US. Here are some major victories you helped achieve.

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News Icon 11/19/2014

Eleven Lesser Known Turkey Facts

With Thanksgiving on the horizon and turkey (or turkey alternatives!) on many menus, we thought it was a good time to appreciate some of the lesser known attributes of the turkey.

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News Icon 5/21/2013

Punching above our weight

Last week saw the gathering of Compassion’s international leaders here at our headquarters in Godalming, England

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