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News Icon 4/26/2024

Murky Waters: The Environmental Cost of Intensive Animal Farming

Discover the environmental toll of intensive animal farming on water quality and public health. Learn how concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) contribute to harmful algal blooms and explore regenerative solutions to mitigate pollution.

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News Icon 4/15/2024

HUMAN FACES: Jessie Jarmon, North Carolina

Explore the impact of intensive pig farming in eastern North Carolina through the compelling story of Jessie Jarmon, a military veteran turned advocate. Discover the environmental and public health challenges posed by CAFOs.

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News Icon 4/10/2024

What is a CAFO?

Discover the truth behind CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) and their impact on animals, the environment, and public health in the United States. Uncover the realities of factory farming, from animal cruelty to environmental…

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News Icon 4/5/2024

Developing a CAFO Moratorium toolkit

Discover how Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) is empowering communities to fight back against the environmental and social impacts of factory farming with their AI-generated CAFO Moratorium Toolkit.

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News Icon 4/4/2024

Growing Greener: Organic Farming vs. Regenerative Agriculture

Often used interchangeably, regenerative agriculture and organic farming have clear distinctions in philosophy, biodiversity, approach to soil and impact on animal welfare.

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