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News Icon 1/3/2024

As we look forward to a New Year filled with compassion, we are delighted to celebrate our remarkable journey with you, which began ten years ago this year. In 2014, Compassion in World Farming Inc. was established as a legal entity exporting the mission of the world’s oldest farmed animal welfare organization to the country which gave birth to the factory farming model of animal agriculture.

Ending factory farming has been the mission of Compassion in World Farming since its inception in the UK in 1967. We always knew that such a feat would only be possible if the world’s superpowers were aligned. And so, a decade ago, we established a United States office, resolutely bringing to America, Anna and Peter Roberts’ vision of a world where farmed animals are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. This year, as we mark the 10th anniversary of this extraordinary journey, we take a moment to honor the achievements, milestones, and unwavering commitment to farmed animal welfare.

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A Journey of Compassion

Over the past 10 years, Compassion in World Farming USA has worked to create a more humane world for farmed animals. From advocating for corporate policy changes to representing farmed animals in the US Supreme Court, the charity has become a driving force in the fight against farmed animal cruelty. Through a lens of empathy and understanding, Compassion in World Farming USA has transformed the lives of countless animals, offering them a chance at a future free from suffering.

Key achievements

Legislative Impact: Compassion in World Farming USA has played a pivotal role in advocating for and achieving legislative changes that enhance the welfare of farmed animals. From the groundbreaking passage and judicial defense of the Proposition 12 ballot initiative in California in 2018 to other anti-confinement wins in Arizona, Colorado and New Jersey, among others, your support has helped us successfully influence key laws, ensuring that the wellbeing of animals is acknowledged and protected.

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Corporate Engagement: Our passionate pragmaticism has helped take our pro-animal message to the boardrooms of some of the country’s leading companies. We’ve worked closely with producers and food businesses in delivering meaningful changes for farmed animals, including helping to secure more than 230 commitments to higher standards of chicken welfare and helping to secure an increase in the size of the country’s cage-free hen flock from 16% a decade ago to more than 40% of the total today.

Technical Expertise: Leveraging half a century of scientific and academic excellence, Compassion in World Farming USA has served as a technical advisor to some of the highest standard-setting bodies in the country, such as the Global Animal Partnership and the Regenerative Organic Alliance. We have helped educate buyers, supply chain managers, and corporate sustainability managers on the importance of animal welfare for the long-term survival and resilience of their companies.

Building Community: What started as an individual effort to establish a US presence has blossomed into a fully-fledged remote office with sixteen full-time employees, offering round-the-clock assistance to a community of nearly 200,000 donors, supporters, volunteers, and partners covering the four corners of the country. This national network amplifies our impact for farmed animals, creating a united front against the systemic challenges posed by factory farming.

Looking Ahead

As Compassion in World Farming USA prepares to enter its second decade, our shared journey toward a more compassionate future continues. The challenges are immense, but so is the unwavering dedication of the individuals supporting the cause. The next ten years hold the promise of even greater strides in farmed animal welfare, fueled by the passion, innovation, and resilience that define Compassion in World Farming.

As we raise a toast to a decade of Compassion, let us also continue to raise our voices in support of a future where farmed animals are treated with the respect and kindness they deserve. Here's to many more years of making a difference in the lives of farmed animals across the country. Cheers to you and the incredible community of advocates who continue to sow the seeds of change!


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