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News Icon 8/9/2022

by Allie Molinaro

With the August heat at its peak, now is a great time to melt away into a good book. Whether you're going to the beach, flying halfway across the world, or taking a staycation on the couch, here are six books to bring along. Plus, look out for Sixty Harvests Left, the latest must-read by Compassion in World Farming's Global CEO, available October 18th.

Cover of the book "Grilled" by Leah Garces

Grilled: Turning adversaries into allies to change the chicken industry

Former CIWF U.S. Director Leah Garcés recounts her trailblazing adventures advocating for better welfare within the chicken industry. From meeting with whistleblowers to going toe-to-toe with C-suite tycoons, read how Garcés's victories laid the groundwork for the nationwide chicken welfare movement.

The Book of Hope: A survival guide for trying times

Cover of the book "The Book of Hope" by Jane Goodall

Written by the Compassion in World Farming visionary and beloved animal welfare activist Jane Goodall, The Book of Hope adds positivity and inspiration to the typical doom and gloom narrative on the state of our planet. This instant New York Times bestseller is a must-read for animal lovers, environmentalists, and anyone hoping for a brighter tomorrow.

Meat Me Halfway: How changing the way we eat can improve our lives and save our planet

Brian Kateman offers a practical look into the history of our relationship with meat, the psychology behind our current relationship with the food we eat, and how to change our proactively change our diet for a better future. This book is a perfect entryway for those starting their meat-reduction journey.

Farmageddon: The true cost of cheap meat

Cover of the book "Farmageddon" by Philip Lymbery

Compassion in World Farming's Global CEO Philip Lymbery's first full-length book goes behind the curtain to expose the story behind the meat products we see on the shelves. This deep dive into the meat industry takes Lymbery across the globe as he unravels a complex web of feed production, transportation, feedlots, antibiotics, and more. This eye-opening look into the state of world farming is a wake-up call to change our food system and eating habits to protect animals, nature, people, and the planet.

Beyond Words: What animals think and feel

Cover of the book "Beyond Words" by Carl Safina

Handpicked by CIWF Ambassador Emeritus Joyce D'Silva, Carl Safina explores human and nonhuman emotion in a way that beautifully blurs the traditional lines between animals and people.  From the African savannah to the Pacific Ocean, Safina takes an intimate look at the inner world of animals to find that we aren't so different after all.

Dead Zone: Where the wild things were

Think plastic pollution and poaching are the only causes of extinction? Think again. Compassion CEO Philip Lymbery's second book tells the story of factory farming through over a dozen species, including humans, and how the industry threatens them all. Recounting stories from the frontlines of Compassion in World Farming and beyond, Lymbery's tales take you across the globe for a first-hand look at the plight of wild animals in a world built around factory farming. 

Cover of the book "Sixty Harvests Left" by Philip Lymbery

Sixty Harvests Left: How to reach for a nature-friendly future

Compassion CEO Philip Lymbery's latest book details the drastic toll of our current food system. In addition to harming animals, polluting air and water, and contributing to climate change, industrial agriculture severely degrades our soils. And without soil, there is no food—not for humans, not for farmed animals, not for anyone. However, there is hope. Sixty Harvests Left outlines how our food system must change to create a livable future for all. Out October 18th—preorder now. 



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