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News Icon 12/31/2021

2021: A Review of the Year

Despite a difficult year with profound challenges for all of us, not least from Covid, 2021 will be remembered for seeing some of the greatest strides ever for animal welfare and our mission to end factory farming.

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News Icon 12/20/2021

Eat Plants for a Change in 2022

One of the best things you can do is eat plants for a change in 2022.

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News Icon 12/17/2021

New Jersey Affirms a Culture of Compassion

New Jersey’s family farmers work hard to treat their animals with respect and farm with dignity. Bill A5236/S3401 is a testament to these principles.

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News Icon 12/1/2021

New approved breeds list is the missing part for higher welfare chicken roadmap

Global Animal Partnership's newly announced approved breeds list could be a turning point for higher welfare chicken.

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