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Mythpecking with Henryka the Chicken

News Icon 3/26/2020

Meet Henryka: Our intelligent, charismatic, fact-finding chicken friend from Star Gazing Farm Animal Sanctuary! She spent the last year studying up on plant-based science, all to help break down some of the widespread myths about eating more plants: a job she calls “mythpecking.” 

Like usHenryka is fed up with these plant-based rumors. So, she agreed to film a whole video with us to mythpeck the urban legends she frequently hears. Things like: “Aren’t plant-based diets expensive?” and “Plant-based options are just too hard to find. And trust us—she didn’t hold back! 

Watch below!

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Special thanks to Henryka, Star Gazing Farm Animal Sanctuary, and Wanderlust Entertainment.


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