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News Icon 12/22/2020

Plant-Based Cocktail Cheat Sheet

Check out these recipes, tips, and tricks to plant-ify your favorite cocktails with our Plant-based Cocktail Cheatsheet.

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News Icon 12/8/2020

Factory Farming Exploits Native Communities, Here's How

Indigenous Americans are disproportionately impacted by cruel, unsustainable factory farms.

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News Icon 11/30/2020

Fish are Friends: Fish Substitutes in the Produce Section

We’re trolling the produce department for fish-friendly substitutes for all your seafood favorites and testing out a couple of simple swaps to keep our catch compassionate in our very own kitchen!

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News Icon 11/4/2020

Indigenous Chefs and Activists Who Eat Plants For A Change

The indigenous populations of North America, were perhaps the first to #EatPlantsForAChange through a regenerative, environmentally conscious diet. We want to amplify their voices as we highlight these compassionate keepers of culture.

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News Icon 10/29/2020

Global progress indicates a cage-free future is closer than ever

EggTrack is back—and this year's global report shows that despite unprecedented challenges, conscious consumers continue to drive major cage-free progress in our food system.

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News Icon 10/19/2020

Instagrammable Halloween Treats for Kids

Compassion is challenging YOU to trick out your treats this Halloween, and don’t just stop at candy! Between breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there are many opportunities to fill your home with a little spooky, plant-based magic.

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News Icon 10/13/2020

GBBO Vegan Week Recipes from YUM to UMM…

We at Compassion USA decided to make the huge sacrifice to re-watch GBBO Vegan week, dissect our favorite bakers’ plant-based treats, and rate our favorites from each round from "yum" to "umm…" so you don’t have to!

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News Icon 10/1/2020

Keep your Compras Compasivas with Eat Plants. For A Change.

As Compassion continues to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month, we want to share four ways you can keep your compras compasivas while committing to a plant-based diet. Because we can’t #EatPlantsForAChange without Latinx farmworkers

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News Icon 9/23/2020

International Fish Substitutes we NEED in the U.S. ASAP!

Plant-based substitutes are all the rage these days, but one huge void that still remains in US drive-throughs and the freezer sections is plant-based substitutes. Here are the International Fish Substitutes we NEED in the U.S. ASAP!

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News Icon 9/11/2020

These Latinx Womxn/Folks are Passionate about Compassionate Cultural Cuisine

Happy Latinx Heritage Month! Creating more inclusive plant-based spaces means acknowledging cultures that prioritized sustainability & animal welfare before it was “cool.” Check out these Mujxr passionate about compassionate cultural cuisine!

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