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News Icon 7/1/2019

It’s animal welfare award season—and we’re celebrating!

We’re pleased to announce that last Thursday Chipotle Mexican Grill received the Good Sow Commendation in Pig Welfare at the 2019 Good Farm Animal Welfare (GFAW) Awards in Brussels, Belgium. 

This year 50 awards were given to food businesses recognizing meaningful animal welfare policies set to benefit more than 39 million animals across the globe each year. Chipotle was the only US company to receive a 2019 GFAW Award.

The Good Sow Commendation acknowledges industry-leading food businesses committed to the welfare of mother pigs that have eliminated cruel gestation and farrowing crates from their supply chains.

Despite recent progress, the majority of farmed animals in the United States are still confined to cages and crates that prevent them from simply standing up, turning around, lying down, or extending their limbs for almost their entire lives. Restricted to nothing but steel and concrete, farmed animals unable to express their natural behaviors suffer intense mental, emotional, and physical trauma.

Thankfully, food businesses like Chipotle have stepped up to the plate where it matters most for farmed animals to eliminate the worst-of-the-worst factory farming practices. We’re encouraged by Chipotle’s dedication to improving the lives of mother pigs and look forward to continuing to work alongside the company in the future.

Click here to see the full list of Thursday night’s winners!


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