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News Icon 11/22/2021

San Francisco Supports the Farm System Reform Act

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution last week supporting a moratorium on the construction and expansion of animal feeding operations, factory farms, and slaughterhouses in California.

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News Icon 11/18/2021

Old Words, New Meanings: The new label that could hit stores near you

Compassion recently provided comments to a request from the USDA in advance of its rulemaking recommending that products of this nature be henceforth known as “cultivated meat.”

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News Icon 11/15/2021

FACT OR FOWL? Turkey Facts 2021

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, no matter what you’re eating for dinner, we’ve all got turkey on the brain. Since ‘tis the season, we thought it was a good time to appreciate some of the lesser-known attributes of our feathered friends.

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News Icon 11/12/2021

Thanksgiving to Serve Up Nearly 5 Million Plant-Based Turkeys

Considering the growing number of vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians and data from producers, we calculate around 4.5 million plant-based turkeys are likely to be served this Thanksgiving.

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News Icon 11/10/2021

Thanksgiving 2021: Bring Compassion to the Feast

No matter how you’re celebrating this year, we hope you'll use this guide to compose a compassionate menu you can be thankful for.

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News Icon 11/5/2021

AIM For Climate Misses the Mark

The ideologies presented by AIM for Climate are egregiously flawed and set forth a dangerous path for the future of our climate, communities, and ecosystems.

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News Icon 10/16/2021

10 Crucial Reasons To Never Eat ‘Cheap’ Meat

On October 16, World Food Day, it has never been more important to remind us all of the extent to which factory farming contributes to the climate, nature and pandemic emergencies currently facing society.

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News Icon 9/24/2021

Chicken has changed for the worse—and the proof is in the stripes

You may have seen it on our website, in the news, or even closer to home at your local supermarket: chicken has a white striping problem—and it has big implications for both chickens and humans alike.

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News Icon 9/22/2021

Urgent: Monthly Appeal

Monthly gifts provide Compassion in World Farming a steady and predictable source of income to fuel our campaigns, advocacy efforts, and investigations to end factory farming. Regular donations provide us with the opportunity to anticipate and…

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News Icon 8/25/2021

1.4 Million families gain access to cage-free options

Today, California becomes the 18th state to lead the way in approving cage-free eggs within its WIC program. Decisions like these ensure that all people have access to compassionate food choices, regardless of their individual economic…

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