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News Icon 3/26/2020

Mythpecking with Henryka the Chicken

Compassion USA sat down with Henryka, a mythbusting chicken, to breakdown the most common plant-based myths!

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News Icon 2/28/2020

7 outside-the-box tips that will transform your tofu game

Tofu? Might just be more exciting than you think. From desserts to sauces to soups, here are seven recipes that will have you thinking about tofu in a whole new light.

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News Icon 1/31/2020

20 Plant-based Snacks for Super Bowl 2020

Game Day's right around the corner—are you prepared? Stack the field with these 20 incredible plant-based snacks and you're sure to be awarded MVP!

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News Icon 1/9/2020

Factory Farming is Fueling the Australian Bushfires. Here’s How.

There is no confusion that factory farming is a leading cause of the climate crisis. The real confusion lies in why we aren't doing more to stop it.

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News Icon 11/18/2019

Thanksgiving 101: A Guide to a More Compassionate Meal

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Are you prepared? If you need a little compassionate inspiration, here's our guide to navigating store shelves and planning a plant-forward feast!

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News Icon 9/13/2019

For Beginners: What is Jackfruit and How Do You Cook it?

One of the most versatile fruits in the bunch, you don't have to be an expert chef to add jackfruit into your diet! But here are a few beginner's tips and recipes to get you started...

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News Icon 8/15/2019

Our Climate Crisis is Making Factory Farms Even Worse

July 2019 was the hottest month ever recorded in human history... As the climate crisis continues to have catastrophic effects on human and non-human life—it's clear it's already making factory farms worse than they've ever been.

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News Icon 8/12/2019

6 Simple Ways to Cut Back on Meat

No matter your motivation, cutting back on meat even a little can have a MAJOR impact! Need some beginner tips to start your plant-based journey? We've got you covered.

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News Icon 7/18/2019

The Cage-Free Fight Just Hit a Major Milestone

It’s official—one out of every five egg-laying hens in the United States is now cage-free. We've come a long way... but there's still a lot more cage-breaking left to do.

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News Icon 7/2/2019

11 Plant-Based Ways to Celebrate 4th of July!

Celebrate this Independence Day FREE of meat, milk, and eggs! We know 11 ways to do it.

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