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News Icon 9/20/2022

The Future of Food Depends on Regenerative Organic Farming

Understanding the differences between organic and regenerative agriculture in our current food system.

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News Icon 9/19/2022

Three reasons to be hopeful – lessons from a sustainable farming conference

Takeaways from the Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock

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News Icon 9/1/2022

Is tofu an acquired taste?

Tofu, like any other protein, just needs some seasoning to become your new favorite food.

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News Icon 8/9/2022

Six Summer Reads to Beat the Heat

Whether you're on the beach, flying halfway across the world, or taking a staycation on the couch, here are six books to bring along. Plus, look out for Sixty Harvests Left, the latest must-read by Compassion in World Farming's Global CEO.

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News Icon 7/15/2022

Our Climate Crisis is Making Factory Farms Even Worse

2020 was the hottest year ever recorded in human history, and 2021 was not far behind. As the climate crisis continues to have catastrophic effects on human and non-human life—it's clear it's already making factory farms worse than they've ever…

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News Icon 6/14/2022

This Father’s Day, I want my child to be proud of my animal advocacy

Compassion in World Farming's US Executive Director, Ben Williamson, reflects on his animal advocacy this Father's Day

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News Icon 6/13/2022

These LGBTQIA+ changemakers are creating a better world for animals

Compassion in World Farming's Human Resources and Operations Manager shares her reflections for Pride Month.

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News Icon 6/5/2022

Chickening Out: Seven reasons why the current rate of chicken consumption is unsustainable

It is clearer than ever that cheap chicken comes at the expense of the birds, environment, climate, wildlife, local farmers, workers, and our health.

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News Icon 5/12/2022

Education doesn’t begin in the classroom, it begins in the cafeteria

Before students can succeed in school and beyond, they must first learn how to take care of themselves and their environment in a way that facilitates future success. And that starts with their food.

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News Icon 5/5/2022

Planet-Warming Emissions Spotted From Space

The emissions detected by environmental data company GHGSat's high-resolution satellites in February are a clear example of why immediate action must be taken to control the emissions produced by the food and agriculture sectors.

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