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News Icon 9/22/2021

Urgent: Monthly Appeal

Monthly gifts provide Compassion in World Farming a steady and predictable source of income to fuel our campaigns, advocacy efforts, and investigations to end factory farming. Regular donations provide us with the opportunity to anticipate and…

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News Icon 8/25/2021

1.4 Million families gain access to cage-free options

Today, California becomes the 18th state to lead the way in approving cage-free eggs within its WIC program. Decisions like these ensure that all people have access to compassionate food choices, regardless of their individual economic…

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News Icon 8/25/2021

Momentum gathers in the movement to protect broiler chickens

What’s behind this sudden surge in progress for chickens?

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News Icon 8/6/2021

Honoring World Indigenous Peoples Day with Compassion

International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples (August 9) is a time to raise awareness and recognize the achievements and contributions of Indigenous people around the world.

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News Icon 8/3/2021

Leading food businesses are getting serious about chicken welfare. Here’s why

This week’s announcement from seven leading food and retail brands formed a working group to improve broiler chicken welfare standards.

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News Icon 7/30/2021

Make way for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

There is nothing more comforting than coming home to the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies—unless you know that each of those delicious morsels was made with heaping spoonfuls of compassion!

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News Icon 7/14/2021

Farm System Reform Act reintroduced in Congress (with even more support!)

This week, New Jersey senator, Cory Booker and Representative Ro Khanna of California reintroduced their bill to phase out factory farming in the United States.

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News Icon 6/28/2021

Happy Pride from Compassion USA

Compassion strives to celebrate and uplift voices in diverse communities all year long, and we are excited to celebrate Pride this year with our staff and supporters around the world.

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News Icon 6/25/2021

Proud of Your Plate: Celebrating LGBTQIA Chefs and Sustainability

This Pride month we are evaluating the plates of 3 LGBTQIA chefs! These meals will help us gage how dishes made with animal products compare to the sustainability of plant-based foods.

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News Icon 5/18/2021

Recipe Rolodex: 10 AAPI Plant-based Recipes

May is Asian-American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and #EatPlantsForAChange wants to celebrate the compassionate and delicious plant-based delicacies of theses distinct and beautiful cultures with a recipe Rolodex!

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