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News Icon 8/21/2015


Each year, 50 billion animals are processed in "animal sweatshops" known as factory farms. But it's not a well-known fact. So we've created Your Farm- The Honest Farm Toy to show what life is really like down on the farm. Here's the low down...

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News Icon 6/29/2015

Message to US food companies

Message to US food companies: Phase out cages for hens within 5 years and apply for a Good Egg Award

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News Icon 6/10/2015

Factory farming will not feed the world

805 million people go to bed hungry every night. That’s one eighth of our fellow human beings. Our food system has failed them. If we started all over again, we would not chose such an inefficient and unsustainable form of food production.

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News Icon 6/9/2015

Two US Companies Awarded for Animal Welfare Policies

Whole Foods Market and Pret a Manger US are awarded by Compassion in World Farming for their farm animal welfare policies at the Good Farm Animal Welfare Award ceremony held at the Milan Expo.

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News Icon 6/3/2015

Pastured Poultry Week 2015 is Coming

Know of a restaurant who may want to participate? Let us know!

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News Icon 5/1/2015

Time to stop caging hens

A new study on the welfare of different laying hen housing systems is unreliable due to design flaws.

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News Icon 3/12/2015

The Antibiotic-Free Chicken

Why antibiotic-free doesn't mean humanely raised chicken

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News Icon 12/19/2014

2014 Wins for Farm Animals

2014 was an eventful year for farm animal welfare in the US. Here are some major victories you helped achieve.

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News Icon 11/19/2014

Eleven Lesser Known Turkey Facts

With Thanksgiving on the horizon and turkey (or turkey alternatives!) on many menus, we thought it was a good time to appreciate some of the lesser known attributes of the turkey.

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News Icon 11/5/2014

Thanksgiving Resource Guide

A break down of pasture raised vs factory farmed turkeys, turkey alternatives, and where to find them.

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