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News Icon 7/18/2016

All of top 25 US food retailers go cage-free

Publix just announced plans to go 100% cage-free, following a Compassion USA campaign. This means that all of the top 25 US food retailers are now committed to going cage-free within ten years or less.

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News Icon 6/27/2016

Perdue Steps Up For Chickens

In what Compassion USA Executive Director Leah Garces called “a momentous first step,” Perdue Farms has become the first major chicken company to publish an animal welfare policy that lays out their current practices and plans for improvement.

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News Icon 6/14/2016

Evanna Lynch Kicks Open Factory Farming

Actress and animal lover Evanna Lynch joins Compassion in World Farming to kick open the doors of a former chicken factory farm to transform into a pasture-raised farm.

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News Icon 5/24/2016

Poultry industry meeting excludes stakeholders

Poultry industry sustainability workshop excludes everyone who matters to sustainability

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News Icon 3/3/2016

Kroger goes cage-free

Kroger, the largest grocer in the US, commits to a 100% cage-free egg policy by 2025.

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News Icon 2/10/2016

Trader Joe's (Adele "Hello" Parody) Video

Compassion USA asks Trader Joe's grocery chain to sell only 100% cage-free eggs in this new video parody of Adele's "Hello"

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News Icon 11/30/2015

2015: Your Year, Your Impact for Farm Animals

Watch this short video of everything you helped accomplish for farm animals in 2015.

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News Icon 11/16/2015


Taco Bell announces they will switch to 100% cage-free eggs by Dec 31, 2016. This comes three weeks after Compassion USA launched a petition asking Taco Bell to go cage-free.

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News Icon 8/21/2015


Each year, 50 billion animals are processed in "animal sweatshops" known as factory farms. But it's not a well-known fact. So we've created Your Farm- The Honest Farm Toy to show what life is really like down on the farm. Here's the low down...

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News Icon 6/29/2015

Message to US food companies

Message to US food companies: Phase out cages for hens within 5 years and apply for a Good Egg Award

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