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News Icon 9/6/2023

Understanding Fish Sentience and Its Effects on Industrialized Farming

When we think of sentient beings, we often conjure images of mammals such as dogs, cats, or even elephants. However, there's an animal that often goes unnoticed, which is the fish. fish are sentient beings just like their mammal counterparts.

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News Icon 8/19/2023

To Bee, or Not to Bee

Alarmingly, the bee is in crisis. In recent decades, there has been a steep decline in the numbers of both wild and domestic bees. Several species have been completely wiped out.

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News Icon 8/17/2023

Empowering More Ethical Food Choices: Expanding WIC to Include Cage-Free Eggs

Aiming for higher animal welfare and protection of the planet by replacing or reducing meat products is integral to a better future. To empower consumers to make more humane food choices, all WIC programs should allow cage-free eggs as a option.

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News Icon 7/14/2023

The EATS Act poses an existential crisis to the animal welfare movement

Decades of animal advocacy work threatens to be undone by the Ending Agricultural Trade Suppression Act, which would prevent states and cities from determining what’s best for their farms and communities and shift power to the federal…

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News Icon 6/11/2023

Live Farmed Animal Export is a Cruel Practice that Must End

Tens of millions of animals are forced to endure long journeys over land and sea every year just to be slaughtered upon arrival. Compassion in World Farming is leading the fight to end this cruel practice.

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News Icon 6/3/2023

Honoring Hens on National Egg Day: A Call for Compassion

National Egg Day is a day intended to celebrate the significance of eggs in many people's lives and throughout history. However, we must remember the animals behind the eggs—hens.

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News Icon 5/25/2023

9 Plant-Based Takes on Memorial Day Classics

From appetizers to desserts, we’ve compiled a list to keep you munching all celebration long.

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News Icon 5/25/2023

Choosing Chicken Wisely: The Impact of Selective Breeding on Animal Welfare and Food Safety

From selective breeding to foodborne illness, the cost of cheap chicken is higher than you think.

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News Icon 3/8/2023

In Appreciation of Women: The Backbone of our Food System

As we consider Women’s History Month and the role women (inclusive of all who identify as women) play in our food system, on-farm and throughout the supply chain, it is clear that women are, in reality, the backbone of this system.

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News Icon 3/1/2023

Honoring National Pig Day

While Compassion in World Farming works tirelessly for higher pig welfare year-round, today marks a time to reflect on why these animals deserve our love and respect and what makes them truly remarkable.

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