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Same, same but different

News Section Icon Published 5/25/2012

Compassion in World Farming is extremely concerned and disappointed to learn that the EU has recognized the US National Organic Programme as equivalent to its own.

As it stands, the US organic standards on animal welfare are far lower than the EU standards.

Not only would the US standards in some cases be considered non-organic in the EU, but some elements might even be deemed illegal on animal welfare grounds.

US standards lack detailed welfare provision. Bathing water is not required for ducks, routine mutilations are not prohibited and stocking density is not specified for any species in the US.

In addition to the huge animal welfare concerns, there is the risk that the agreement will under-cut EU organic farmers in their home market. If the EU recognizes a set of animal welfare standards as being equivalent to those of the EU, when they are clearly much lower, it makes EU farmers vulnerable to being undermined by these products and indeed their prices.

Compassion’s CEO, Philip Lymbery says: “I am questioning the EU’s judgment as this new agreement is terribly misleading to consumers. Consumers buy organic animal produce safe in the knowledge that the welfare has been of a high standard. If the US organic products will now be deemed to be equivalent, what will be next? It could be the tip of a very nasty iceberg.”

Find out more:

  • VIDEO: Leah Garces (director, Compassion USA) commenting on US vs EU organic standards at the National Organic Standards Board meeting in New Mexico, May 23. Watch it here.
  • Philip Lymbery discusses the issues in his blog.

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