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Compassion in World Farming’s Circle of Compassion (i.e. “the Circle”) comprises a distinct group of international donors who demonstrate through their level of giving ($1,000+) their commitment to a shared vision where our world is entirely free from the immensely cruel and damaging factory farming system.

The Circle is instrumental in advancing Compassion’s mission to end factory farming and promote a regenerative food system where farmed animals are treated with compassion and respect, people experience the benefits of a system free from harmful industrial agriculture methods, and our planet and soils are not only sustained but flourish for generations to come.

With a gift of $1,000 or more, you will join a group of valued donors who are making a significant impact. As part of this group, you will receive invitations to special events, insider updates on programmatic activities, and access to staff experts.

We hope you will consider joining the Circle of Compassion!

Why join the Circle of Compassion?

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  • Dedicated support from our Philanthropy & Partnerships Manager 
  • Insider information from our leadership about the impactful things we’re working on 
  • Special invitations to webinars and other events where you can learn directly from our team of experts 
  • Regular updates on our accomplishments and the difference your support is making 
  • To play a vital role in creating a better tomorrow for animals, people, and our planet

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