Our Team

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Leah Garces
US Executive Director

Leah Garces has worked to advance higher welfare for farm animals for two decades and has authored and edited several reports and books on animals in agriculture. She is also Chair of the Global Animal Partnership Board of Directors, a contributing writer at Huffington Post and Food Safety News, and a member of the Forbes Nonprofit Council. Compassion USA's work focuses primarily on collaboration with food businesses to make real and practical improvements for farm animal welfare, particularly chickens. Leah provides strategic and technical advice to food businesses to advance policies and practices that result in measurable improvements for farm animals.


Rachel Dreskin
Head of US Food Business

Rachel Dreskin works to advance welfare standards for farm animals, primarily through collaboration with leading US food businesses. Partnerships with retailers, manufacturers and food service companies focus on incorporating and strengthening animal welfare as a key component of corporate sustainability programs and the assessment and efficient management of animal welfare throughout their supply chains. She also provides support to businesses with animal welfare policy communication, both with internal and external stakeholders as well as with the investment community.

nina farley

Nina Farley
Head of US Public Engagement

Nina Farley works to empower the public to be a voice for farm animals. One of the biggest injustices of our time is factory farming, not only for the animals, but for consumers, farmers and farm workers, and the environment. Through Compassion's campaigns in support of our food business work, together we can reform our broken food system. Nina also manages team USA's communications, supporter fundraising, and media relations. She holds a BS in Biology and an MS in Animals and Public Policy, and is very fond of chickens.


David Soleil
Operational Enabler

Dave Soleil works to ensure the integrity and efficient functioning of Compassion as a nonprofit organization and a leader in the advancement of welfare standards for farm animals. Enabling operations not only includes compliance, finance, reporting and other behind-the-scenes support, it also includes team development and effectiveness. Dave holds an MPA in Nonprofit Management and is the former Chair of the Leadership Education group for the International Leadership Association.


Monica List
Animal Welfare Specialist

Monica List works to assure that Compassion USA’s work is grounded in the most current and robust animal welfare science. In addition of staying up to date with relevant research and publications, she strives to communicate the team’s position on scientifically-based welfare approaches through open dialogue with producers, consumers, food businesses, and other animal welfare organizations. Monica has an academic background in veterinary medicine, bioethics, and philosophy, and she has worked on animal health and welfare projects involving wildlife, companion animals, and farm animals.


Alison Spasser
Public Engagement Manager

Alison Spasser brings experience in nonprofit and political communications to Compassion, where she advances Team USA’s supporter outreach strategy by raising awareness of farm animal welfare issues, expanding Compassion’s digital presence, and promoting opportunities for animal lovers and conscientious consumers to take action. Through online advocacy, social media management, and editorial leadership, Alison supports efforts to develop effective campaigns and tell powerful stories. She holds a B.S. in Biology and a master’s degree in Public Affairs, and spends most of her free time struggling to control her energetic dog.


Katya Simkhovich
Food Business Manager

Katya Simkhovich works to ensure farm animal welfare is incorporated into the policies of the leading US food businesses and to solidify higher welfare practices as integral to a sustainable food system. In doing so, she hopes to inspire and support companies in fulfilling their enormous potential to drive positive change for farm animals. Katya holds a B.S. in Food Studies, as well as a passion for understanding the complexities of agriculture and food systems.