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Dancing cows?

Cows belong in fields. We have known it for a long time. And the cows agree!

In March 2012, we visited a farm in the UK to film cows being released from their indoor winter housing to their fresh pasture for spring and summer grazing.

Sadly, though, these cows are the lucky ones. Some dairy cows never get to leave the confines of their sheds, and instead are kept indoors all year round in intensive “zero-grazing” systems.

Zero-grazing has become a common practice in the US, and could potentially become more common in the EU as well.

We believe that all cows should be given access to pasture, and we want to see an end to the practice of zero-grazing.

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Compassion believes that all farm animals—from dairy cows to laying hens—deserve lives worth living. We campaign for legislation and enforcement of existing laws to protect animals, work with food companies and retailers to champion ethical farming, and carry out hard-hitting investigations to expose cruelty to farm animals.

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