Farmageddon - factory farm from above

Farmageddon: the true cost of factory farming

Compassion in World Farming seeks an end to cruel, stupid factory farming. With your support over the last forty years, we have achieved amazing things, transforming billions of lives in the process.

But we are far from satisfied

Despite the progress we are making, we face a food crisis. Over two thirds of farm animals – that’s around 50 billion animals – spend their lives in factory farms every year. And it’s causing huge trouble for us, our communities and our planet, as well as farm animals. We’re facing farmageddon and we can’t go on like this.

Our plan to end farmageddon

We can turn things around but we can’t do it alone. That why we’re working with the broadest possible group of inspirational supporters, progressive policy makers and visionary companies to kickstart a food revolution. Together, we’re building a movement to end factory farming and get better food on our plates.

Kickstart a food revolution

We’ll only end farmageddon with your support. Take the first step – sign up for campaign updates.

And if you want to get the full story about farmageddon, read our book, Farmageddon: The True cost of Cheap Meat. This incredible read is available from Amazon and other booksellers.

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