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Chickens raised for meat, also known as broiler chickens, make up approximately 95% of the farm animals in our food system—nearly nine billion are raised and slaughtered each year in the US. The vast majority of them experience significant welfare issues due to breeding for fast growth, high stocking densities, barren environments that do not allow for expression of natural behaviors, and pre-slaughter stunning systems that require stressful live-shackling.

The need for meaningful improvements has never been greater.

The good news is that the market is currently undergoing a monumental shift toward making meaningful changes that will drastically improve chickens’ lives. To date, over 130 companies have committed to fully transition to higher welfare systems by 2024. In response to their customers, producers are stepping up to meet the demand for healthier genetics, more space, enriched living conditions, and more.

That’s where Compassion in World Farming comes in. We’re launching ChickenTrack, a new progress-tracking tool designed to help companies navigate this massive market shift. The purpose of ChickenTrack is to:

  • Ensure that food businesses can and will stick to their commitments to improve broiler chicken welfare across 100% of their supply chains;
  • Provide assistance to food businesses during their transition to a higher welfare broiler chicken supply; and
  • Encourage transparency in the marketplace.

ChickenTrack will not ask companies to report on their progress in 2018. Over the course of this inaugural year, ChickenTrack aims to help companies road-map their transition to a higher welfare broiler supply, and to provide them with critical resources to support that work. These resources can be found below, and we will continue to develop and add new ones to this page. In the fall, we will publish a practical guide to transitioning to higher welfare systems.

Resources for food businesses:

Stay tuned for more updates! Questions? Contact our Food Business team.