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Quarterly Impact Reports

Photo of hens in a field with text overlay that reads "Quarterly Impact Report January through March 2021, click to download"

Thanks to you, the world is changing rapidly for farmed animals.

The fight to end factory farming isn't over yet, but with you by our side, an end is in sight. See the incredible progress you helped achieve in the past few months in our latest report!

Previous quarterly impact reports:

July - September 2020
April - June 2020
January - March 2020
October - December 2019
July - September 2019
April - June 2019
January - March 2019
October - December 2018
July-September 2018
April - June 2018
January - March 2018
October - December 2017
July - September 2017
April - June 2017
January - March 2017
October - December 2016

Thank you for being a hero to farmed animals!

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