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News Section Icon Published 8/21/2015


More and more food companies, most recently Walmart, are starting to report on animal welfare as part of their corporate social responsibility and sustainability programs.

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News Section Icon Published 8/4/2015

Compass Reports on Animal Welfare

World's largest food service company releases comprehensive report on farm animal welfare and plant-based diet commitments.

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News Section Icon Published 8/3/2015

Perdue's Big Reveal

In response to Compassion's video of one of his contract farms, Perdue Chicken CEO Jim Perdue says, "We need happier chickens."

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News Section Icon Published 7/13/2015

The Herman Family

The Hermans ran a contract farm for several large chicken corporations for over 15 years. In Dec. 2014, they quit factory farming for good. See what they do today, instead.

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News Section Icon Published 7/9/2015

4th Annual Pastured Poultry Week

Replacing factory farmed chicken with pasture-raised, one restaurant at a time! Pastured Poultry Week 2015 will be held July 13-19 in Georgia, New York, and South Carolina.

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News Section Icon Published 6/9/2015

Two US Companies Awarded For Animal Welfare

Compassion in World Farming awards Whole Foods Market and Pret a Manger US for their farm animal welfare policies during the 2015 Good Farm Animal Welfare Award ceremony in Milan.

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News Section Icon Published 5/22/2015

Walmart Steps Up for Farm Animal Welfare

Compassion worked with Walmart to publish its new position addressing farm animal welfare in its supply chain. This sends a strong message to other grocer giants to not reinvest in outdated, inhumane equipment.

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News Section Icon Published 5/21/2015

Al Jazeera on Perdue Whistelblower Aftermath

Al Jazeera visits Craig Watts at home in North Carolina to see what has happened since he formed an unlikely partnership with Compassion USA.

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News Section Icon Published 5/18/2015

John Oliver Takes on Chicken Industry

John Oliver's HBO show Last Week Tonight addresses the issue of contract farming in the chicken industry. Included is Compassion USA's Perdue chicken farm footage featuring farmer Craig Watts, and our own Leah Garces.

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News Section Icon Published 3/25/2015

Supporting 2015 Sustainable Dietary Guidelines

For the first time, Dietary Guidelines for Americans may include sustainability considerations. Compassion USA presented oral testimony to the USDA and HHS in support of the proposed guidelines.

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