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Published 16.03.15

Compass Goes Cage-Free

The world's largest food service company, Compass, pledges an end to battery cages for laying hens, from suppliers of both shelled and liquid eggs.

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Published 19.02.15

Contract Farmer Sues Perdue

Whistleblowing on Inhumane Conditions for Chickens Comes at Cost

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Published 12.02.15

2014 Global Benchmark

2014 Annual Update: Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW). Farm Animal Welfare an Immature Business Issue in the US.

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Published 08.01.15

Senators ask USDA for honest animal welfare labels

Two US senators ask the USDA to correct misleading terms like "humanely raised" and "cage free"

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Published 02.09.14

Unilever pledges solution to killing of male chicks

The major food manufacturing company, Unilever has committed to searching for humane alternatives to the industry-wide practice of killing male chicks in the egg industry.

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Published 07.07.14

Chefs From Atlanta, New York and Charleston Participate in Third Annual Pastured Poultry Week, July 7-13

Nearly 100 Restaurants Celebrate Humane, Sustainable and Pasture-Raised Poultry.

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Published 01.04.14

Farmageddon warns of impending food crisis

A new book published today by Compassion’s CEO exposes the true cost of cheap meat.

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Published 07.03.14

Canada to phase out gestation crates

Canada makes landmark announcement for animal welfare, while US lags behind.

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Published 25.02.14

Feeding of dead piglets to sows shocks nation

Nation is shocked: an investigation finds employees feeding the intestines of dead, diseased piglets back to mother pigs.

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Published 29.01.14

The King is dead, California hens will spread their wings

Victory for farm animals. As the King Amendment is removed from the farm bill, hens whose eggs are sold in California will be able to spread their wings from 2015.

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