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News Section Icon Published 6/19/2019

Compassion USA Rallies with Coalition to #BanFoieGras in NYC

Joining a coalition of more than 50 animal protection organizations, Compassion USA rallied and provided oral testimony at New York City Hall yesterday in support of a ban on the sale of foie gras.

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News Section Icon Published 6/5/2019

Food Industry Races to Invest in Plant-Based Future

It's do or die–conscious consumers demand for plant-based protein has left food businesses racing to keep up.

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News Section Icon Published 5/22/2019

Where Animal Welfare & Sustainability Intersect [Podcast]

Executive Director of Compassion USA, Rachel Dreskin, speaks with Fergal Byrne about the intersectionality of farmed animal welfare and sustainability.

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News Section Icon Published 5/8/2019

BREAKING: Washington Governor Approves Ban on Battery Cages!

After passing the state legislature with near unanimous approval, WA Gov. Inslee signs into law a bill prohibiting the production and sale of caged eggs.

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News Section Icon Published 4/2/2019

B. Good commits to be better to chickens!

VICTORY: B. Good joins Compassion USA's Better Chicken Initiative and commits to meaningful improvements for thousands of chickens raised for meat in their supply chain!

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News Section Icon Published 3/19/2019

Iowa backslides in the fight against ag-gag

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds recently signed a dangerous new ag-gag measure into law, jeopardizing progress and shielding the factory farming industry from public scrutiny.

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News Section Icon Published 3/18/2019

Breaking: New York City Commits to Meatless Mondays!

Healthier Kids, Stronger Planet. New York City says YES to #EatPlantsForAChange!

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News Section Icon Published 2/26/2019

The Numbers Are In: Read the 2018 BBFAW Report

Check out the 2018 Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW), which provides an annual review of how the world’s leading food companies are managing and reporting their farm animal welfare practices.

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News Section Icon Published 2/15/2019

HelloFresh says hello to better chicken

HelloFresh, the largest meal kit service in the U.S., just committed to better chicken—an important step that will lead to meaningful improvements in the lives of birds nationwide.

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News Section Icon Published 12/11/2018

BREAKING: King Amendment goes down in the Senate

Congress just gave us some amazing news for farmed animals.

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