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News Icon 10/1/2020

Keep your Compras Compasivas with Eat Plants. For A Change.

As Compassion continues to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month, we want to share four ways you can keep your compras compasivas while committing to a plant-based diet. Because we can’t #EatPlantsForAChange without Latinx farmworkers

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News Icon 9/23/2020

International Fish Substitutes we NEED in the U.S. ASAP!

Plant-based substitutes are all the rage these days, but one huge void that still remains in US drive-throughs and the freezer sections is plant-based substitutes. Here are the International Fish Substitutes we NEED in the U.S. ASAP!

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News Icon 9/17/2020

“Cage-free” must live up to its name

As the nation—and the world—transitions to a 100% cage-free egg supply, a new threat to a cage-free future is emerging: Combination systems. And food companies need to act now.

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News Icon 9/11/2020

These Latinx Womxn/Folks are Passionate about Compassionate Cultural Cuisine

Happy Latinx Heritage Month! Creating more inclusive plant-based spaces means acknowledging cultures that prioritized sustainability & animal welfare before it was “cool.” Check out these Mujxr passionate about compassionate cultural cuisine!

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News Icon 9/8/2020

Long-awaited study’s findings confirm the need for healthier genetics in chickens

A highly-anticipated study examining the welfare outcomes of different breeds of chickens raised for meat confirms long-standing concerns about the fast-growing genetics of factory-farmed birds.

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News Icon 9/4/2020

If We Want to Go Cage-Free, We Need to Work with WIC

As we march towards a cage-free future, we must foster a just transition that allows all US consumers to partake in the progress.

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News Icon 8/27/2020

5 Reasons a Plant-Based Diet is Better for Your Health

A plant-based diet day could help keep the doctor away. Here are some tips and tricks for the immune boost you need to get and stay healthy!

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News Icon 6/23/2020

9 LGBTQ+ Environmental & Plant-based Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Follow these LGBTQ+ accounts on Instagram to brighten up your feed with plant-based recipes, eco-friendly tips, and powerful, intersectional activism!

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News Icon 6/22/2020

Duct Tape Won’t Fix an Existential Threat

While the link between animal exploitation—whether in live animal markets or on factory farms—and risk of new, emerging disease has been firmly established in recent weeks, the complexity that the climate crisis adds also needs to be…

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News Icon 4/29/2020

We're Still Here, Thanks to You.

The world may seem like it's at a standstill, but thanks to our supporters we're as ready as ever to fight for animals, people, and the planet.

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