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News Icon 11/30/2020

Fish are Friends: Fish Substitutes in the Produce Section

We’re trolling the produce department for fish-friendly substitutes for all your seafood favorites and testing out a couple of simple swaps to keep our catch compassionate in our very own kitchen!

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News Icon 11/13/2020

FACT OR FOWL? Turkey Facts 2020

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, no matter what you’re eating for dinner, we’ve all got turkey on the brain. Since ‘tis the season, we thought it was a good time to appreciate some of the lesser-known attributes of our feathered friends.

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News Icon 11/12/2020

Thanksgiving 2020: Bring Compassion to the Feast

No matter how you’re celebrating this year, we hope you'll use this guide to compose a compassionate menu you can be thankful for.

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News Icon 11/4/2020

Indigenous Chefs and Activists Who Eat Plants For A Change

The indigenous populations of North America, were perhaps the first to #EatPlantsForAChange through a regenerative, environmentally conscious diet. We want to amplify their voices as we highlight these compassionate keepers of culture.

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