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News Icon 9/23/2020

International Fish Substitutes we NEED in the U.S. ASAP!

Plant-based substitutes are all the rage these days, but one huge void that still remains in US drive-throughs and the freezer sections is plant-based substitutes. Here are the International Fish Substitutes we NEED in the U.S. ASAP!

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News Icon 9/17/2020

“Cage-free” must live up to its name

As the nation—and the world—transitions to a 100% cage-free egg supply, a new threat to a cage-free future is emerging: Combination systems. And food companies need to act now.

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News Icon 9/11/2020

These Latinx Womxn/Folks are Passionate about Compassionate Cultural Cuisine

Happy Latinx Heritage Month! Creating more inclusive plant-based spaces means acknowledging cultures that prioritized sustainability & animal welfare before it was “cool.” Check out these Mujxr passionate about compassionate cultural cuisine!

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News Icon 9/8/2020

Long-awaited study’s findings confirm the need for healthier genetics in chickens

A highly-anticipated study examining the welfare outcomes of different breeds of chickens raised for meat confirms long-standing concerns about the fast-growing genetics of factory-farmed birds.

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News Icon 9/4/2020

If We Want to Go Cage-Free, We Need to Work with WIC

As we march towards a cage-free future, we must foster a just transition that allows all US consumers to partake in the progress.

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