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Pastured Poultry Week

Fourth Annual Pastured Poultry Week

A celebration of humane and sustainable pasture raised chicken

July 13-20, 2015 Georgia, New York City and Charleston.

Why pasture-raised poultry? Not only do we believe the chickens belong on pasture, but it’s also better for the environment, your health, and your taste buds!

Last year nearly 100 restaurants in Georgia, New York City, and Charleston participated and helped to celebrate the virtues of pasture raised poultry by featuring it on their menus. If you would like us to email you and keep you up-to-date on the event and the participating restaurants, sign up for more information:

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If you are a restaurant that is interested in participating in Pastured Poultry Week, please email us at info@ciwf.com.

Pastured poultry

Pasture raised chickens are given plenty of space and enrichment to allow a chicken to be a chicken!

Why pastured poultry?

Pastured Poultry Week is a celebration of humane and sustainably produced pasture raised chicken.

Nearly 100 restaurants are set to participate in Georgia, New York, and Charleston including esteemed restaurants such as ABC Kitchen (NY), Fig (Charleston), Husk (Charleston) and Miller Union (Atlanta).

Pasture raised chickens can take up to twice as long to reach the same weight as a factory-farmed bird due mostly to the slow growing breed that is used. This slower growth is an important factor in healthy development and good welfare.

Pasture raised chickens are given plenty of space and enrichment to allow a chicken to be a chicken! The animals in these systems are allowed to express their natural behaviors, like scratching, pecking, wing flapping and perching.

Raised out on pasture with slower growth rates and less crowding, these animals don’t require routine antibiotics. Furthermore, being out on pasture and being raised extensively can have a beneficial impact on the environment. Their waste can act as a very valuable natural fertilizer for the pasture.

Pastured poultry is not your average factory-farmed supermarket broiler. Like a fine wine, or handcrafted cheese, pasture raised chicken is referred to by chefs, like Shaun Doty of Bantam & Biddy, as having superior flavor.

In short, pastured chicken is better for the environment, animal welfare and human health – not to mention your taste buds!

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